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Special Ed Advocate Archives: 2012

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The Special Ed Advocate is a free online newsletter from Wrightslaw. The newsletter provides accurate, up-to-date information about special education legal and advocacy issues. Our goal is to help readers navigate the confusing world of special education and get quality services for children with disabilities. Mission.

The 2012 Archives includes links to all issues of The Special Ed Advocate newsletter and Alerts published this year. To read issues published since April 1998, please visit the
Newsletter Archives.

January 3, 2012 - New Year Quick Picks 2012: Special Education Topics. PE and Adapted PE; Placement Decision; Questions: 5 W's + H + E; IEPs: Parental Consent.

January 10, 2012 - The Lighter Side of Special Ed. Due Process Hearings: The Lighter Side??; Image & Buzzwords - a humorous decoder of jargon and phrases used by schools and at IEP meetings; Find help in the Yellow Pages for Kids; Experienced Advocacy: What I Rely on Most.

January 17, 2012 - Progress Report 2011...and a Thank You Note. Wrightslaw Annual Progress Report; Top 10s for 2011: Articles, Topics, Cases, and Blog Posts.

January 24, 2012 - Alert! Keeping All Students Safe Act (S.2020). Ask your Senator to cosponsor this important bill that will protect children nationwide from restraint and seclusion in schools. Find more information and a sample email message you may use.

January 31, 2012 - Mistakes People Make: Independent Experts & Evaluators. Mistakes Independent Experts Make by Pete Wright, Esq.; Mistakes Independent Evaluators Make by Bob Crabtree, Esq.; Avoid Mistakes: Tactics & Strategy for the Effective Advocate; Effective Advocacy Strategies.

February 7, 2012 - Mistakes People Make: Parents & Advocates. Mistakes Parents Make; Mistakes Advocates Make; Become an Effective Advocate: Train! Train! Train!; 10 Tips for Good Advocates.

February 14, 2012 - When Schools Punish Sick Children Who Miss School. The School Wants to Retain my Honor Student - What Can I Do?; When Schools Punish Sick Children: A Game Plan; What IDEA Says...Wrightslaw: Special Education Law; Compulsory School Attendance Laws & Special Needs.

February 21, 2012 - Good Grades: Does My Child Still Need Specialized Instruction? Good Grades, the Need for an Evaluation, and Eligibility for Special Ed; Teachers v. Psychologist - Who Determines Eligibility?; What Does Idea 2004 Say...Wrightslaw: Special Education Law, 2nd Edition; Can the School Terminate My Child's Eligibility for Special Ed?

February 28, 2012 - Stress Less this IEP Season: IEP Team Members & Team Attendance. Parents are Not Members of the IEP Team...Say What!?; Do Parents Have to Excuse Members of the IEP Team?; The Legal Requirements of IEPs; Can Parents Ask that Members of the IEP Team be Excluded?

March 6, 2012 - Stress Less this IEP Season: Present Levels & Measurable Goals. Roadmap to the IEP; Present Levels and Functional Goals; What IDEA 2004 says about the requirements for using present levels; 25% OFF SALE; SMART IEPs: The Parent as Watchdog.

March 13, 2012 - Stress Less this IEP Season: How to Get an Appropriate Program. How Can I Get an Appropriate Program?; Improving Outcomes and Results for Kids with Disabilities; Game Plan for an Appropriate Program? SMART IEPs; SMART IEP Goals and Objectives.

March 20, 2012 - Stress Less this IEP Season: When IEP Services are NOT Delivered. Steps Parents Can Take When IEP Services are NOT Delivered; Does the District Need to Make-Up Therapy Sessions?; Wrightslaw: All About IEPs -Tip: Scheduling Therapy Sessions; Making Up Missed Services.

March 27, 2012 - Stress Less this IEP Season: How-To Tips. How to Create a Paper Trail for Contacts with the School; How to Write Good IEP Goals; How to Document the IEP Meeting for YOUR Viewpoint; How to Find Help - Advocates, Attorneys, Therapists, Tutors...and more; Wrightslaw Yellow Pages for Kids with Disabilities.

April 3, 2012 - Privacy, Confidentiality, & Education Records. Confidentiality, Copyright Law, and Tests; Parent Observations vs. Student Confidentiality; The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA); How Much Information Should a School Provide?

April 10, 2012 - Transition Planning: Setting Life Long Goals. Transition Planning - Setting Goals; Legal Requirements for Transition; Transition from School to Work; Transition Planning and Your Child's IEP.

April 17, 2012 - My Child is Graduating...What Next? What is the Intent of a Summary of Performance?; Finding a Good Match for the Future; Help! My Son Graduates. Who Will Write his 504 When He Loses his IEP?; Choosing a School that is Right for YOU; Loans, Scholarships, and Financial Aid for College; Self-Advocacy: Know Yourself, Know What You Need, Know How to Get it; Meet Josh - an Amazing Self-Advocate.

April 24, 2012 - A Special IEP Offer Just for You. SALE Alert! 25% OFF All Wrightslaw Products, including CD-ROM Training Programs and Advocacy Supplies.

May 1, 2012 - Don't Drop the Ball on ESY + Summer Camps & Summer Learning. Our ESY Services Never Happened Last Summer!; IEP Season Special Offer, 25% OFF; The Regression-Recoupment Myth; What Will Your Child Do This Summer? Gearing Up for Summer Camp & Summer Learning.

May 8, 2012 - Training "Shamu": Test Scores & Educational Decision-Making. Test Scores and FAPE; We Can Train "Shamu" but Can't Teach a Child to Read?; Cold Hard Numbers and Successful IEP Meetings; May's Featured Product - 25% OFF: "Understanding Your Child's Test Scores" Multimedia Training on CD Rom.

May 15, 2012 - Asking the Right Questions: Choosing the Right Tests. What Should I Know About Evaluations?; How Do I Request a Multifactored Evaluation?; What Tests Should I Request?; What Should I Expect From an Evaluation?

May 22, 2012 - How Students Learn: Using Tests to Uncover Learning Problems. What Reading Tests Measure...and Don't Measure; Assessments, Evaluations, and Tests; Myths and Misconceptions: Testing Written Expression; Does RTI Replace the Need for an Evaluation?

May 29, 2012 - Is Your Child Struggling to Read? Is Your Child Struggling to Read but Falling Further Behind?; How Do We Prevent Reading Difficulties and Failure?; 11 Questions to Ask About Your Child's Reading Program; The Price Children Pay When We Do NOT Teach Them to Read.

June 5, 2012 - ALERT! Rights for Children with Dyslexia. In this Action Alert from Wrightslaw you can sign the petition to urge Congress to support a Bill of Rights for Children with Dyslexia. You will also learn how to send an email with your comments, or sign the petition, about the proposed revision to DSM-5 removing Dyslexia.

June 12, 2012 - Got Questions? Ask the Advocates! Can the school put my daughter in the certificate program, because it is better for her than a regular diploma?; What can I do to avoid the stress of due process?; Can the school prepare a draft IEP before the IEP meeting?; What do I do when the school doesn't follow the IEP and says I should just "get over it?"

June 19, 2012 - Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst: Surviving Due Process. Rules of Adverse Assumptions; How to Prepare for a Due process Hearing; Josh Won! Compensatory Services and an IEP; Preparing for (& Surviving) Due Process.

June 26, 2012 - Summer School 2012: Session 1. The Power of Getting Organized. Creating a Document Management System; Advocacy 101: Supply List; Gather Information About Your Child; What Documents are Keepers?; Homework Checklist.

July 10, 2012 - Summer School 2012: Session 2. Requesting Your Child's Records. Request Agency Records; Review and Request School Records; Sample Letters: How to Request Information; Tips for Writing Request Letters.

July 31, 2012 - Summer School 2012: Session 3. Tracking Your Child's Educational History. Gather All Document;, How to Date Your Documents; Three Ring Binder: Rules; Success Story: What Organizing the File Can Do; Homework Checklist.

August 7, 2012 - Summer School 2012: Session 4. Creating a Master Document List. Creating Your Master Document List; Nuts and Bolts of Word Processing; Homework Assisgnment; Featured Product 25% OFF the Wright Tote IEP Kit; Train Yourself to Write Things Down.

August 14, 2012 - Need Help? Visit the Yellow Pages for Kids. Find Help in Your State; User's Guide: Learn How to Build Your Team; Meet Our Sponsors; Help Others! Apply for a FREE Listing in the Yellow Pages.

August 21, 2012 - Summer School 2012: Session 5. The BIG Picture: Your Master File. Reviewing the Master File; Your Master Plan for Success; Take the POLL: How Organized is Your Child's Special Education File?; Thanks for Participating: Your Summer School 2012 Certificate.

Summer School 2012: Parts 1-5. Summer School is a refresher course in effective advocacy techniques that will include a series of activities (and maybe a quiz or two) to help you prepare for the next school year. Your goal this summer...

  • learn how to create a document management system
  • organize your child's special education file.

August 28, 2012 - Back to School - Off to a Good Start! Advocate's Tips and Advice for starting the year off right. Tip #1: Re-Read Your Child's IEP; Tips #2: Meet With Your Child's Teacher; Tip #3:Prepare To Deal With Problems Earlys; All 10 Tips for a Successful School Year.

September 11, 2012 - Great Beginnings! A New IEP Advocacy Year. How to Help Parents Move Beyond their Emotions - to Advocacy; 9 Rules of Thumb for Special Ed Advocacy; Do's and Don'ts of Parent Advocacy; Document, Update, Educate, Monitor...TIPS for Parent Advocates.

September 18, 2012 - No Enthusiasm for Homework? What You Can Do! Master of Deception: Homework Refusal and School Failure; Does Your Child Have Difficultry with Organization?; Assignment Refusal is NOT a Discipline Issue; Need Some Strategies for Getting Homework Done?

September 25, 2012 - Roadmap to IEPs. Confused and Overwhelmed about IEPs?; 8 Steps to Better IEP Meetings; Can School Attorneys Legally Attend IEP Meetings?; Tested Tips for Parents and Teachers: Before, During, & After the IEP Meeting.

October 2, 2012 - Roadmap to IEPs: Help! I Need Good IEP Goals. Present Levels and SMART Goals; Are These Good IEP Goals?; Is Your Child's IEP Individualized?; Wrightslaw: All About IEPs; Are There Legal Limits on IEP Goals?

October 9, 2012 - Roadmap to IEPs: Do I HAVE To Sign the IEP? Legal Requirements of IEPs; Do I HAVE to Sign the IEP?; Can More Than One Disability Be Listed in the IEP?; Can We Write Our Parapro's Name in the IEP?;Our School Says the IEP Expired - Now What.

October 16, 2012 - 10 Reasons Schools Say "No!" - and Other Ridiculous Things. Gatekeepers: Their Job is to Say "No"; Schools Say the Darnedest (craziest, meanest, most ridiculous...) Things; Help the School WANT to Help Your Child: Why "No" May Not Always Mean "No."

October 23, 2012 - Free Appropriate Public Education: The Legal Concept of FAPE. FAPE - What the Law Requires; "Meaningful Educational Benefit" v. "Best Education"; Caselaw, Evans v. Rhinebeck: Your Roadmap to FAPE; The Legal Concept of FAPE.

October 30, 2012 - Four Lessons for Parents about FAPE. Schools Only Need to Provide "Appropriate" Program; Parents Really Do Know What Their Children Need; Rentention and FAPE; Strategies for Getting the School to Provide FAPE.

November 6, 2012 - I Need Help - RIGHT NOW! Crisis! Emergency! Help!; Fighting a Losing Battle with the School? Get Out of the Loop!; Question of the Week: How to Disagree with the School Without Starting WWIII?; When Disagreements Turn Into Power Struggles.

November 13, 2012 - Military Family Month. Military and DoD Special Education; Need a Special Ed Program that Meets Your Child's Needs? Go Shopping!; Military Discounts in the Wrightslaw Store; Disability Advocate Wins Military Spouse of the Year Award.

November 20, 2012 - Gifted Children with Special Educational Needs. Giftedness Sometimes Masks Special Needs; When Disability Interferes with Academic Performance; How Can I Fight for a Gifted Child; Profoundly Gifted Kids.

November 27, 2012 - IS Your Child a Problem at School? Does Your Child HAVE a Problem at School? IDEA Requirements for Functional Behavioral Assessments; When the Teacher "Can't Deal" With Your Child; Disciplining Students with Disabilities; Training Lions & Tigers: 4 Rules of Discipline.

December 4, 2012 - FAQs: Research-Based Reading Programs. Why Use Research-Based Reading Programs? How Can I Get a Reading Program That Works? What are the Criteria for Remedial Reading Programs? Using Effective Programs to Teach Children to Read.

December 12, 2012 - Special Education Topics: Quick Picks. Do I Have the Right to Observe My Child's Classroom? Must Teachers Provide ALL Accommodations in the IEP? My Child's Teacher Does Not Know Him - What Can I Do?

December 18 - Warm Holiday Wishes and a Cool Success Story. Treat Yourself to Some Good Advocacy Tips; Stop Playing the Victim - A Cool Success Story; Give a Wrightslaw Gift Certificate; Read One New Book a Month This Year, The "Book a Month" Plan in the Advocate's Bookstore.

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