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Wrightslaw: Surviving Due Process DVD

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DVD Surviving Due Process: Stephen Jeffers v. School Board


by Wrightslaw



This DVD takes you through a special education due process hearing, from initial preparations to testimony by the final witness.

This film is based on an actual case. (DVD, 2 hrs) Read More


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Wrightslaw: Surviving Due Process: "Every viewer will have fun and learn something new from watching this video."

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Wrightslaw: Surviving Due Process DVD

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act requires that public schools provide a free, appropriate education to qualifying students with disabilities. If there is a disagreement between parents and their school district," either party may request a special education due process hearing.

You will learn how attorneys for parents and schools prepare for due process hearings. See exciting direct examination and dramatic cross-examination of witnesses, objections and arguments between counsel, and rulings by the hearing officer. Learn about rules that must be followed, mistakes people make - and why the parents' case was nearly dismissed.

Surviving Due Process: Stephen Jeffers v. School Board is based on an actual case. With different evidence and witnesses, this could easily be a case about a child with a different disability or a different legal issue.

The cast includes:

  • Darrel Tillar Mason, Esq., former hearing officer and member of the Virginia Board of Education
  • Kathleen S. Mehfoud, Esq., nationally-known school board attorney
  • Pete Wright, Esq., parent attorney

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Surviving Due Process-Steph... reviews

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Surviving Due Process: Stephen... Dec 18, 2007 Anne, Special Ed...
  Walking on the treadmill, I increased my time from 30 to 60 minutes—I couldn’t bear to turn if off! more...
Surviving Due Process: Stephen... Dec 18, 2007 Elaine Butler,... San Francisco CA
  Anyone facing or considering a due process hearing should watch this DVD. more...