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December 12, 2012

Hot Topics in Special Education

Question markIn this issue of the Special Ed Advocate, Wrightslaw provides answers to your frequently asked questions, directs you to specific sections in IDEA 2004, the Federal Regulations, and offers additional resources for more information on special ed topics.

Got questions? For your information (and convenience), watch for more Quick Picks on different hot topics in future issues.

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Do I Have a Right to Observe My Child's Classroom?

Do I have a right to observe the class before agreeing (or not agreeing) to a placement for my child? The special ed director said I cannot observe the class because of confidentiality issues with the other children.

Answer: In Parent Observations v. Student Confidentiality, Pete and Pam offer strategies to deal with administrators who take positions that are not based on law, or common sense.

kids in class with teacher

Must Teachers Provide ALL Accommodations in the IEP?

If an accommodation or modification is marked in the IEP, is the regular ed teacher required to include that accommodation on every test or activity they create?

Answer: Are Teachers Required to Provide All Accommodations & Modifications Listed in the Child's IEP?


Summer School certificate

My Child's Teacher Does Not Know Him - What Can I Do?

Answer: If the teacher does not know your child – then what?  You need to get to know your child’s teacher. Advocate Pat Howey explains how you can jump in as your child's "case manager."

Find out what parents want teachers to understand about their children. Learn what IDEA says about more support and training for teachers.


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