ALERT! Rights for Students with Dyslexia

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Two Petitions

1. Dyslexia Must Be in the New DSM-5

2. Legalize Dyslexia

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June 5, 2012

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1. Dyslexia Must Be in the New DSM-5

Call to Action from the International Dyslexia Association

Psychologists use DSM codes to diagnose conditions. In the revised DSM-5, dyslexia no longer has a diagnostic code of its own.

The latest revision, which now omits the term dyslexia, is a significant step backward. This omission will:

  • perpetuate the lack of recognition and understanding of dyslexia
  • contribute to delays in diagnosis and treatment

IDA Position Statement

If you are concerned about the proposed revisions, email your comments or sign the petition

Act Now! Public Comment period ends June 15.

Take actionSign the Petition

2. Legalize Dyslexia: Schools Must Accept the Diagnosis of Dyslexia

The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity, directed by Dr. Sally Shaywitz, is asking you to support a much-needed Bill of Rights for Dyslexic Children and Adults that affirms the following:

  • Dyslexia is real: schools must accept the diagnosis of dyslexia
  • Dyslexia is a Clinical Diagnosis
  • Diagnosis/Identification reflects that it is an unexpected difficulty
  • Dyslexia is persistent, no need to retest after high school
  • Accommodations required so that high stakes tests assess ability and not disability
  • High stakes tests must be reliable, valid and accessible to dyslexic children and adults

Urge Congress to "Legalize Dyslexia: Grant Accommodations to Dyslexic Students."

Take actionSign the Petition

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