Organizing the File: Session 4
Creating a Master Document List

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August 7, 2012

school meetingThink about the last school meeting.

  • Did the IEP team members have a complete copy of your child's file?
  • Did you have a complete copy of your child's file?
  • Is it possible for the team to make good decisions without complete, accurate information about your child?

Need to provide the IEP Team with documentation but can't locate a document in your child's file?

In this issue of the Special Ed Advocate you will learn how to compress your child's history into a few pages. Find out how to generate your Master Document List and locate a document in your child's file in seconds.

Please don't hesitate to forward this issue to other friends, families, or colleagues.

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pen and paper

Creating Your Master Document List

When you create your Master Document List make a table with four columns. Draw a table with four columns on several sheets of paper.

Label the columns: Date, Author, Type, Significance.

Get directions for Creating your Document List or download a sample Document List in pdf.

man studying in library

Nuts and Bolts of Word Processing

If you are using a word processing program, insert a four-column table.

A word processing program can sort your list by date, author, or type of document. You can also change the font to highlight test data and other important information. This makes it easier to find important information.


Homework Assignment: Create a Document List

Homework: Your binder should be complete, with all your files in chronological order. If not, repeat Session 3: Tracking Your Child's Educational History.

Complete (or at least, begin) your master document list. Fill in the columns with the necessary information. You may want to leave the "Significance" column blank for now and complete this column later.

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phone, pen, datebook

Train Yourself to Write Things Down

Keep copies of all letters, reports, and consent forms.

Keep a record of your contacts with the school. Your log should include telephone calls and meetings, conversations, and correspondence between you and the school.

Documentation can be simple when you Use Low-Tech Tools to Create Paper Trails.


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