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Back to School Tips

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August 28, 2012

Summer went fast, didn't it? Kids are anxious about return to school. Parents are too. One parent writes...

Help! School is starting. I want to make sure I have done my homework so this year is better than last year.

We can help with your homework.

In this issue of the Special Ed Advocate you'll find information and advice, advocate's tips, and legal resources to help you start the year off right. Have a great school year!

Please don't hesitate to forward this issue to other friends, families, or colleagues.

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Tip #1: Re-Read Your Child's IEP

Then learn how you can use IDEA to obtain a better IEP for your child and what pitfalls to avoid. Parent Attorney Wayne Steedman explains how to ensure that your child's teachers attend IEP meetings, how to avoid the infamous three-year IEP, and how to resolve disputes.

How to Use IDEA 2004 to Improve Your Child's Special Education.

parent meeting teacher

Tip #2: Meet With Your Child's Teacher

Did you know you have a right to know the qualifications of your child's teachers and paraprofessionals? Is a substitute teacher teaching your child?

How Can I Know if My Child's Teacher is Highly Qualified?


Tip #3: Prepare to Deal with Problems Early

Sometimes schools and parents disagree. Your child's teacher may not understand her unique needs and or provide the necessary services, accommodations and supports.

In When Parents and Schools Disagree, Dr. Ruth Heitin describes common areas of disagreement between parents and schools and offers suggestions and strategies to handle these problems.


All 10 Tips for a Successful School Year

Read Advocate Pat Howey's 10 Tips for a Successful School Year. You'll find advice about how to make the transition back to school as easy as possible, and tips to help you get off to a good start.


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