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Wrightslaw: All About IEPs

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Wrightslaw: All About IEPs


by Peter W. D. Wright, Esq., Pamela Darr Wright, MA MSW, and Sandra Webb O'Connor, M.Ed.



In this comprehensive, easy-to-read book, you will find clear, concise answers to over 200 frequently asked questions about IEPs.

ISBN: 978-1-892320-20-9, 192 pages, perfect bound)

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Wrightslaw: All About IEPs - "I love the question and answer format. I felt like we were having a conversation. Thank you for describing what ESY looks like - a critical chapter for families. I look for materials for parents that are easy to read and useful information that pertains to the family. I would say that you are going to nail it! Thanks for providing yet another wonderful resource."

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Wrightslaw: All About IEPs

In this comprehensive, easy-to-read book, you will find clear, concise answers to frequently asked questions about IEPs. Learn what the law says about:

  • IEP Teams and IEP Meetings
  • Parental Rights & Consent
  • Steps in Developing the IEP
  • Placement, Transition, Assistive Technology
  • Strategies to Resolve Disagreements

Whether you are the parent of a child with special education needs, a seasoned educator, or a professional advocate, you have questions about Individualized Educational Programs (IEPs).

Table of Contents [Download TOC]

Table of Questions


Chapter 1. Getting Started
Effective Advocacy
4 Mistakes Parents Make
Planning and Preparing
Advocacy Tools
5 Rules of Successful IEP Meetings

Chapter 2. IEP Teams and IEP Meetings
Members of Your Child’s IEP Team
People with Special Knowledge and Expertise
Excusing Members from IEP Meetings
New Ways to Participate in Meetings
Attorneys at IEP Meetings
Handling “Draft IEPs” and “Pre-IEP Meetings”
Recording Meetings

Chapter 3. Parent Participation & Consent
Your Parental Role
Parental Consent
Parental Participation

Chapter 4. Present Levels, Measurable IEP Goals, Special Education Services

Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance
Measurable IEP Goals
Short-term Objectives and Benchmarks
Statement of Special Education Services
Physical Education and Adapted PE
Is Your Child's IEP Individualized?

Chapter 5. Related Services, Supplementary Aids &Services
Related Services
Support and Training for School Personnel
Parent Counseling and Training
Supplementary Aids and Services
Extracurricular Activities and Nonacademic Services

Chapter 6. Progress, Accommodations, Modifications, and Alternate Assessments
Notifying Parents about their Child’s Progress
Accommodations & Modifications
  In the Classroom
  On Tests
Alternate Assessments
Methodology in the IEP

Chapter 7. Special Factors in IEPs
Behavior Problems
Limited English Proficiency
Blind or Visually Impaired
Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Communication Problems

Chapter 8. Assistive Technology (A.T.)
A.T. Devices and Services
A.T. Evaluations and Plans
Universal Design for Learning

Chapter 9. Transition to Life After School
Transition Assessments
Transition Services
Transition Plans with Measurable Goals
Transfer of Rights at Age of Majority
Graduation from High School
Self-Advocacy Skills

Chapter 10. Placement
Placement Decisions
Continuum of Alternative Placements
Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)
Children Placed in Private Schools

Chapter 11. Reviewing and Revising the IEP
When to Review and Revise an IEP
Revising the IEP by Agreement
Notifying School Personnel of Changes in the IEP

Chapter 12. Extended School Year Services (ESY)
What are Extended School Year Services?
Eligibility for ESY Services
Factors to Consider
How to Request ESY Services

Chapter 13. Transfers and Education Records
In-state and Out-of-state Transfers
Education Records
Selecting the Right School

Chapter 14. Resolving Parent-School Disputes
Options for Resolving Disputes
Disputes: Inappropriate or Inadequate Services

Disputes: Placement
Relationship Problems

Appendix A. IEP Statutes in IDEA 2004

Appendix B. IEP Regulations, 34 C.F.R. Part 300

Appendix C. Glossary of Terms



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Wrightslaw: All About IEPs Jun 2, 2011 Midwest Book Review
  Of special note is the coverage addressing parental rights and the legal requirements of schools and school districts. Informed and informative, Wrightslaw:... more...
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