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Medicaid Coverage: Feds Clarify Obligations To Kids With Autism

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Melanie Feazell works with Declan Byrne during an ABA session. Federal officials say states must provide treatment services like ABA for kids with autism on Medicaid. (Francine Orr/Los Angeles Times/MCT)   “Medicaid programs nationwide must offer medically necessary diagnostic and treatment services to kids with autism, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services told states in […]

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The Root of the Problem? Rock-Bottom Reading Skills!


- by guest blogger Kalman R. Hettleman, former member of the Baltimore school board, former state human resources secretary, and tireless advocate for children with disabilities. “Disabled students aren’t as disabled as you think. It is legally and morally wrong for the learning potential of students with disabilities to be underestimated. How can students with […]

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School Removes “Primary Diagnosis” from IEP – What Happens Now?


My child entered special ed with autism / ADHD classifications.  Now the school wants to remove the primary diagnosis of autism from the IEP – to focus on the ADHD.  Why? If there is documentation from your doctors that your child has autism along with the ADHD, it should not be ignored. What documentation or […]

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Do You Work or Reside in the State of New York?

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This one-day Wrightslaw Special Education Workshop on October 18, 2013 is  designed to meet the needs of parents and professionals serving children and teens with disabilities. The program is specific to Federal and New York Special Ed Laws relating to dyslexia and autism. Attendance is limited to those who work or reside in New York. […]

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Walk-In Registration Available for this West Coast Wrightslaw Conference – Destination…San Diego

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Waited until the last minute to register? Walk-In Registration is available for you. The University of San Diego Joan Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice is the setting for this Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy Conference. Join Pete Wright, Esq. and sponsors, the Dyslexia Training Institute for this special event specific to dyslexia. Registration […]

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Reading Comprehension Programs and Assessments


My son has high functioning autism.  He is a middle schooler, reading 2 years below grade level. He has difficulty in comprehension and inferencing, but not decoding.  The school uses the Jamestown Reading Navigator.  Is this an effective program? This is a link to the Jamestown Reading Navigator and to the program overview. The […]

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Learn How to Control the Outcome of a State Complaint


I filed a complaint with my state department of education. The school claimed that the Behavior Intervention Plan was not valid because they had not attached the BIP to my son’s IEP. The DOE found “no violation” because the BIP was not “attached to” or mentioned in the IEP. Questions: To be valid, does the […]

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Equal Time for PE: 1 x 30 = 3 x 45. Can You Do the Math?


Although our son is blind and autistic, physically he is able and he is compliant. The school agreed to APE on his IEP – but only 30 minutes a week. The general ed kids get three 45 minutes sessions of PE a week. Shouldn’t he get the same amount as the gen ed kids? I’m […]

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New! Parent Resources: Reports & Regulations

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Analysis of State Bullying Laws and Policies (2011) from the Office of Safe and Healthy Students (formerly OSDFS) This report reviews states’ bullying laws and model bullying policies and school districts’ bullying policies. As of April 2011, 46 states had bullying laws, 45 of which directed school districts to adopt bullying policies. Forty-one states had […]

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Automatic Services for Children with Autism – What are the Hard & Fast Rules?


My son has autism and the district says they are reducing services and changing him from an IEP to a 504 for Aspergers. I believe they are trying to move him off a plan entirely.  He has difficulty with organization and is headed to middle school with a rotating schedule that drops a period each […]

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