Pete’s Comments: Pat Howey’s Post & the Decoding Dyslexia Flap

In December 2014, advocate Pat Howey published a post on the blog entitled “Wake Up Folks! You are Being Sold a Line of Goods about Dyslexia.” Her post generated a Continue Reading →

Class Actions – Not a Primary Vehicle for Accomplishing Change

We think the school system continues to prey on parents in I.E.P. meetings. Having good information is valuable but does no good when the school preys on parents knowing full Continue Reading →

Needless to Say, “I Have No Use for Reading Recovery”

Reading Recovery’s (RR) transition from New Zealand to the United States began at Barrington Elementary School in the Upper Arlington City Schools in Columbus, Ohio in the mid ’80’s in Continue Reading →

Inspiration from Eunice Kennedy Shriver: A Woman With So Much to Do

“You are the stars and the world is watching you. By your presence, you send a message to every village, every city, every nation. A message of hope. A message Continue Reading →