Giving Up? Discontinuing Services Due to “No Improvement!”?

My twin sons have autism. We have an IEP meeting tomorrow.  The boys’ Occupational Therapist/Physical therapist just called me and said that he was going to suggest to discontinue OT/PT Continue Reading →

Do Parents Have to Excuse Members of the IEP Team?

The bottom line is no.  If you do not agree, a required member of the IEP team may not be excused. If the school asks you to consent to excuse Continue Reading →

How Many Days After Signing the IEP Can It Be Revised?

Good question from Marissa on the Community Helpline today. I had an IEP meeting with my son’s school on Monday. I didn’t agree with it, but signed it. How many Continue Reading →

Adding Parent Input to the IEP – Here’s How!

Last week we posted about using an IEP Parent Attachment to add input to your child’s IEP. We heard immediately from Daunna who wrote: The question was “How can I Continue Reading →