Giving Up? Discontinuing Services Due to “No Improvement!”?

My twin sons have autism. We have an IEP meeting tomorrow.  The boys’ Occupational Therapist/Physical therapist just called me and said that he was going to suggest to discontinue OT/PT Continue Reading →

More About Evaluations…

Can a parent request that the school use exactly the same tests when evaluating a student for his triennial IEP?  We want the same tests conducted to compare progress. No, Continue Reading →

4 Year Old With Behavior Problems: Eligible for Special Education Services?

I am a counselor with the local mental health agency. I’m working with a 4 year old boy who has been “kicked out of” two preschool programs for behavior problems. Continue Reading →

School Evaluations: Should schools provide parents with a copy before an IEP meeting?

Update: OSEP Letter to Anonymous, September 9, 2019. Question: Is it best practice to withhold an educational report from the student, parent, guardian, a special education teacher,or another IEP Team Continue Reading →