Appeal Dismissal is a Victory for Children with Disabilities Nationwide

COPAA Press Release, September 12, 2019 Appeal Dismissal is a Victory for Children with Disabilities Nationwide “The U.S. Department of Justice has dismissed the U.S. Department of Education’s (the Department) Continue Reading →

Keeping Students with Disabilities in School

Students with disabilities are presently suspended at much higher rates than other students in school districts across Texas and nationwide. In 2014, Jim Comstock-Galagan, Executive Director of the former Southern Continue Reading →

Shifting Away from Zero-Tolerance? Improving School Discipline Policies…

U.S. DOE and DOJ Release School Discipline Guidance Package Goal: Improve school discipline and school climate Reality: Kids with disabilities, especially minority kids, far more likely to be suspended, expelled, arrested, Continue Reading →

OCR Releases New Civil Rights – Education Data

US DOE Office for Civil Rights has released the new civil rights-education data collected nationwide. A few of the shocking findings: Teachers in elementary schools serving the most Hispanic and Continue Reading →

School Police: Good Idea? Bad Idea?

Bringing police into public schools is a trend that exploded in the 1990s, after high-profile school shooting incidents at Columbine and Jonesboro. When a reader asked a question about school Continue Reading →

Alternative Placement for “Assignment Refusal” – a Helpful Strategy?

What does the law state regarding a student who is in mainstream classes yet refuses to do any assignments? He just doesn’t care. The staff has made extra effort to Continue Reading →