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Katy: I recently filed a complaint with the state of California about how the school district violated state and federal spec ed laws and they opened a case against the district. Now a spokesperson from SELPA wants to have a mediation session and see what can be done so I will formally drop my complaint. I wonder if I can ask for homeschooling and they provide all his special support services- SLP, OT etc. Can we have more than one mediation session so I don’t feel pressured to sign before I can review?  What can I ask for in mediation? I would like to get the services.  Thanks

  1. In my experience with mediation… multiple sessions can be scheduled if needed (all parties must agree to further session), and participants can take time (e.g. a few days or more) to think about the mediation agreement before signing it.

    The mediator should ask right at the beginning if you have questions about how the session will work, and you can ask then to be sure.

    On a side note, I strongly believe in the power of mediation to resolve issues (and improve relationships). But do keep in mind that you have a right to move forward with your complaint if you feel the issues were not properly addressed during the mediation.

  2. You can ask for almost anything in mediation. The school can say yes, no or offer a compromise on each request.

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