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Lisa: My son goes to a small private school that does not have special ed services in-house. The DOE gave us a list of DOE-approved SETSS teachers and told us it was our responsibility to hire one of them to implement his IEP order. After several months, we are unable to find someone on their list who is both qualified in dyslexia teaching methods and is available. So it seems that if we want our son to get help, we will need to hire a private tutor. How do we get the DOE to reimburse us for hiring a teacher who is not on the DOE SETSS teacher list?

  1. If you are not able to secure a provider at the regular rate – the DOE is required to provide a provider an the enhanced rate (per their operating procedures – Google them). They will need to provide a voucher called a provider affidavit form. This form you will put your child’s info and sign as well as the provider’s info.

    I work for a Learning Center helping parents in these situations all the time. I connect parents with a lawyer or advocate for no charge.

    • Good morning I would like to provide setts at an enhanced rate independently instaed of being part of a company that recieves setts rates. How would I find parents looking for setts or have been approved for an enhanced rate?

      • Hi, I was wondering if Andre ever got the enhanced rate on his own without an agency. Seems like the DOE has been paying out $42. for over 15 years and never giving us a raise– It seems unfair and now share the monies when we can do it ourselves. I work and travel from house to house. Thanks

        • I did for most of my cases now. Still, an unfair system since many agencies get most of the enhanced cases rather than individuals.

  2. It sounds like you’re in NYC. You’ll need to hire an advocate or attorney to do this. You will need to ask for an enhanced rate of reimbursement. Many Orton-Gillingham trained teachers charge about $100-150/hour but the DOE does not reimburse more than about $40/hour, so you will have to take the DOE to an impartial to make up the difference. If you do not have the financial means to hire someone try calling NYLPI.

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