April Showers Bring…Wrightslaw Conferences!

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Still time to sign up!

Check out the Spring conference schedule. Join Pete Wright, Esq., in Greensboro, NC on April 7, Annapolis, MD on April 9, and Roanoke, WV on April 20-21.

Take a look at the rest of our spring and summer conference schedule.

  1. Tutor for the Summer, Does School have to Pay? Donna R.
    Tutoring in the summer is usually called ESY Extended School Year. If the IEP team agrees the child needs ESY, the school should pay and transport. Usually the criteria for ESY is if your child has shown regression that the team believes cannot be made up in the first quarter of the new school year. It can also be used for compensatory time.

    I had my youngest son on ESY every year since kindergarden, and he went one entire school year longer than is normal to graduate so he could learn what he needed to know. The school payed for it all.

  2. My child has an IEP meeting this week. Two years ago, she was having reading problems. The school told me if I put her in the IEP program, she would get “caught up.” Now the school tells me that she is still 2 years behind in reading.

    If she has a tutor for the summer, does the school have to pay for the tutor? Any help and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Donna

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