Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE): PROBLEMS WITH INFORMATION IN / RESULTS OF IEE

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Kris:  Should an IEE Evaluator leave out information from a students 1 to 1 school aide as part of a complete evaluation?

Is it appropriate for a parent to receive an IEE evaluation from the evaluator a day and a half before the IEP meeting if the parent selected the evaluator and the district paid for it? All of my questions are from California.

Is it acceptable for an IEE Evaluator to use only 2 teachers out of several for her IEE report and say she does not have enough witnesses for a specific diagnosis?

Is it okay for an IEE evaluator to change her test scores to reflect a higher score at the IEP meeting and state they were in error?

Can the IEP team redact the private IEE Evaluators WISC-V test from the report if it was done on an African American 7 year old?

Should an IEE evaluator have the same information in there report as the school psychologist if they were only to collobrate to make sure they were not using the same tests?

  1. As a parent, you are entitled to a copy of any evaluation on your child, regardless of who conducted the evaluation (school or private sector evaluator) and who paid for the eval.

    According to “The Principles for Professional Ethics” from the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), the evaluator’s report should include recommendations, in addition to strategies and interventions that may help your child. Recommendations should be based on test results.
    http://www.nasponline. org/standards/2010standards/1_%20 Ethical%20Principles.pdf

    If the evaluator thinks your child’s educational program needs to be modified, he should discuss this with you and your child’s team.

  2. I would also like to know if districts can manipulate the results from an IEE and how the report is reported to parents?
    My son is completing his IEE and his evaluator (which we chose) told us that they can’t give us the report, that the district told her that they will give to us. Also, that they could only suggest strategies on how to work with our son to his school staff, not provide recommendations. What? Is this true? Can the district do this. The evaluator said they can because they are the ones paying for the IEE. Pleas someone explain to me how this is right? or is it wrong ; which I feel strongly that it is but can’t find any information on specifics of what to expect from the IEE only how to obtain one.

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