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Reminder – Wrightslaw Training at the JFK Airport Hilton on May 14, 2015!

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Don’t Miss Out! This one-day Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy Training will take place at the JFK Airport Hilton on May 14, 2015. Join Pete Wright, Esq. and sponsors, Keren Eliana Parent Advocacy and Resource Center (PARC) for this special event. The JFK Airport Hilton is offering overnight guests on May 14, 2015, a […]

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Is it Time to Have Your Child Evaluated?

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Is your child is having academic, social, or behavioral problems? Consider a Comprehensive Evaluation A comprehensive evaluation will identify your child’s strengths, deficits, and needs. An evaluation will help you develop: a plan to help your child a road map for the future A privately obtained evaluation should answer your questions and include specific recommendations […]

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IMO, Passing from Grade to Grade Means Little


The district evaluation and our IEE show my 8th grade daughter has regressed and is falling far behind. Reading – 5th grade level. Math – 4th grade level. Verbal score 122 (93rd percentile) and performance score 72 (3rd percentile). She has had an IEP since 5th grade. The district says she does not need to […]

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Cannot Teach My Child to Read? – No Way!

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“Your child is reading 7 grade levels below his peers.” How would you like to hear these words? That is what we heard after years of working with the school on behalf of our son who has ADD/LD and dyslexia. He was going into 8th grade as a primer (first grade) reader. He could comprehend […]

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No Progress. School Says “No Change is Good”?


I’m a sped teacher with a child who has an IEP. The IEP team agreed that my child’s progress in Math will be measured with the KeyMath test. When the school last administered the KeyMath test, her scores dropped! The school wasn’t concerned. They said “No change is good.” It is not good news when […]

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Releasing IEE Data Without Parent Consent


I am a private psychologist. I completed an IEE, then turned in the report to the district and parents.  We held an IEP meeting to review the results. Can the district request that I release my raw test data, test protocols, and test materials to the school without parent consent? The parents have made it […]

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First I Read the Facts, then I Got MAD


Success Story: How We Got an Appropriate Education and Avoided Due Process I wanted to let you know about the difference you are making in the lives of disabled children. After struggling with our school district for over a year to provide services to my disabled child without success, I knew I had to educate […]

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ADHD Diagnosis Should Not Mean Academic Failure


My 13 year old son, in private school, was diagnosed with ADD & ADHD. He is failing all subjects and the teachers claim he has difficulty concentrating and organizing. We requested special ed services from the district. His test scores actually were pretty good so the head of the special ed department was not helpful.  […]

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More About Evaluations…


Can a parent request that the school use exactly the same tests when evaluating a student for his triennial IEP?  We want the same tests conducted to compare progress. No, there is no requirement or regulation that a school use the same tests. If a parent requests this, it’s very unlikely that a school would […]

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“What is the Law about Evaluations?” – a psychologist asks


I am a high school psychologist. What is the law for students who have already been tested 2 times. Colleges and our state Voc/Ed  Services tell me I need to do a WAIS AND achievement testing every three years – no matter what –  even if the student is placed appropriately. 1) When should I […]

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