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Yes or No? IEP Meetings Can Only Be 1 Hour Long

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I’ve been a special ed teacher for 25 years.  I have questions about two things my Supervisor told me this year. 1. An IEP meeting cannot last more than one hour.  If the time runs over, I must stop the meeting and reschedule another one. 2.  No times were completed on the IEP, but I […]

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Change of Services in High School – “That’s All We Offer!”


My daughter is in middle school, where she receives skills support every day in an inclusion program. At the annual review, we were told she will now only receive skills support every other day because that is all the high school offers.  Can the district automatically make this change? Your daughter’s educational program and services […]

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New DoD Special Ed Regs Level the Playing Field for Military Kids

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On June 25, DoD issued their new Special Education Regulations which affect children with disabilities who are educated in their DoD schools. Many schools on military bases are operated by the local school district in that region and the schools are not operated by the DoD. These new regs do not apply in those instances. […]

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Legal? Child Study Intervention Plan Instead of IEP

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Is is legal to keep a child on a Child Study Intervention Plan for years after the eligibility process? Interesting question from Virginia. Here are the facts we know. Twice-exceptional child, ADHD/gifted and talented. Good grades and yearly school test scores. Psychological testing shows executive function defects, particularly processing speed, memory. Written expression issues. The […]

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Requesting a 1 to 1: Be Careful What You Wish For!

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When parents request a one-to-one aide or paraprofessional for their child with a disability, they are often frustrated by the school district’s response. Even when the district agrees to their request, parents may be dissatisfied with the results. As an old saying goes, “It is never safe to assume.” This warning also applies to assumptions […]

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The School is Taking Away My Son’s Para

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My 4th grade son has a one-one para. He has autism, is easily distracted, and has a hard time staying on task. The school said since he has no severe behaviors, they will take away his para. The principal said my son didn’t need a “crisis management” para. Can the school just delete this from […]

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Why Did the Teacher Give Us the SAME IEP as Last Year?


My son’s special ed teacher decided to give us the same IEP from last year? Is this legal? She didn’t even make out a new one! You are not alone.  We receive email every day with questions like yours. The goals in my child’s IEP never change from one year to the next. “Evan will […]

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Sleep Disorders, Truancy and Student Needs: A Complicated Mix


I have a student with a sleep disorder and emotional issues. How do the compulsory attendance laws and a student with special education needs intertwine? Good question. All states have compulsory attendance laws. I am not aware of exceptions for children with disabilities, but suggest you contact your State Department of Education to find out […]

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Oh No! What Did I Sign?

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I signed the attendance sheet at my IEP meeting. Does that mean I agreed to what was said in the meeting? At the meeting, the school agreed to Orton-Gillingham, but when I got the IEP, it was not included. What should I do? Without seeing the actual document, there’s no way of knowing exactly what […]

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Should We Discontinue Services & Terminate the IEP?

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My daughter is an 18 year old junior who misses school because of migraines. She has an IEP for reading problems.  The Special Ed teacher doesn’t believe she has headaches, interferes in everything, and tries to control everything my daughter does. My daughter says she gets nothing from special ed. She wants to quit. Can […]

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