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To be a successful advocate you must:

  • gather facts and information
  • educate yourself about the local school district and state academic standards
  • read special education laws, regulations, and cases to get answers to your questions
  • know legal rights
  • know the procedures that parents must follow to protect their rights and their child’s right to a free, appropriate public education

For a good overview of the law and a test of your knowledge, try a Wrightslaw quiz!

Special Education Legal & Assessment Terms Vocabulary Quiz

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How Much Do You Know About Writing Effective Letters?

What’s Your 504 IQ?

Law School Final Exam – Special Education Law & Advocacy

  1. The school I am in now is using Special education teachers and aides to proctor SBAC tests which results in the cancellation of all resource services for the rest of the school year. I think this has got to be illegal. Where can I find law to site when I go to the principal and address this in leadership meeting.

    • I do not think this is clearly stated in the rules, but schools are to provide an “appropriate” education. If the special ed students are getting less instruction than their peers that should legally mean that it is less than appropriate. They are also probably not meeting what the IEP says will be provided.

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