How Much Do You Know about Writing Effective Letters?

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Summer School Short Course
Assignment #1: QUIZ

Directions: Type the number of the question and your answer (TRUE or FALSE) in the message box below.

woman writing letterHow much do you know about writing effective letters?

Are the statements below true or false?

1. When you write a letter to someone at school, you want them to see your problem as different from problems that other people have.

2. Be sure to state what the school “failed” to do in your letter.

3. You should never write a letter just to create a long trail of paper about your concerns.

4. Get right to the point in your letter, never begin with telling stories or writing personal information about your child.

5. When the school sends you a letter or you have concerns with the school, it is a good idea to immediately write down how upset you are – then send your letter to the school. It is important to do it quickly even though grammar and format may not be perfect.

6. When you write a letter don’t try to use big words, long sentences, or professional jargon. Use the same words and figures of speech you would normally use in the course of your day-to-day speech.

7. Make it clear to the school what you intend to do (i.e., call my lawyer).

8. Don’t make your letter long and involved by describing the whole problem – since the school already knows your child and any issues involved.

9.  Do not send your letter to the school by certified mail to document delivery.

10. Use carefully selected facts in the letter and keep your opinions to a minimum.

11. It is better to put the most important issues first in your letter, rather than writing chronologically.

12. Allow someone else to read your letter to see if they can understand why are you writing, what is your point, and what you want.

13. There is no need to make your letter “enjoyable” for the reader.

Type the number of the question and your answer (TRUE or FALSE) in the box below - then submit.

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  1. I have never had to write a letter to the school for anything. You have outlined everything you need to know in an easy to understand way. I will make a copy of this for future reference. Nicely done.

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