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Shirley:  If a student has 150mpw for independent functioning and the same student 150mpw for math can I work on the independent functioning minutes while I am providing providing the math minutes? Please reply as soon as possible. Thank you

  1. Concerning service minutes on page one: If the child receives 50 minutes per day for Math, and a school bell schedule change causes that to become 51 minutes, is an Addendum necessary to reflect the one minute change?

  2. How many children can be in a child’s IEP group receiving their services with the designated minutes? My child has 8 kids in a group and they consider this minutes being met. She is not making academic progress, and I believe the teacher is spread too thin to address all the children’s goals and other needs (focus, attention, etc.). Shouldn’t she be getting one-on-one, or at least a smaller group setting?

  3. I have no idea what the official answer is — but my common sense opinion is that you need to give 300 minutes total for the two things. If there are some math activities that also get at the independent functioning, great! But don’t reduce the total minutes due to this good design of activities.

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