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Jan:  If a child has attended a private school for children with special needs, has an FIE and IEP with inclusion support does the school district he is transferring into have to accept this information and match services during the transfer period?

  1. What if the student transitions from a private school, back to the public school district where they were previously identified and the receiving public school no longer sees this student as an “identified” student because the IEP, they say, has “expired”?

    • Under the Americans with Disabilities Act he is still a child with a disability, & the school still has a childfind obligation. You can give a written request for special ed testing to the principal and special ed director. Your state parent training and information center can assist you, if you continue to have problems.

  2. IDEA rules only address transfers from one public agency/school to another. So different schools handle this situation differently. They may treat this as a new referral. It is important to contact the sp ed dept. as soon as possible.

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