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McKayla:  My son was placed on an IEP in first grade after being diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder by his school psychologist in CA. We moved to AZ in 4th grade and it was time to reassess. The school didn’t get clear test results. The school also didn’t recognize a diagnosis from a school psychologist so the IEP was removed. My son refuses to talk to a medical doctor for a diagnosis. He has been getting D’s and F’s and has been failing state test scores. I don’t want him to float through graduation like this. How can my son be in control of this situation?

  1. The fact act he feels that he is in control can work to his benefit. Something has to motivate him. The key is finding those motivators to ensure that he is making progress. What makes your son happy, motivated and light up with energy? Have you looked into other school settings such as private settings? He knows he is not learning. When my child was in that grade, my child was very self-aware. They see what the other kids are achieving and they internally struggle with their deficits and yet don’t know their wonderful strengths. Try your local parent resource center and look at other options if the school cannot fully bring him out of his shell.

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