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Doreen:  We have a 7 yr old with FAS who tested at 108 IQ, no expressive or receptive errors in testing and so I was told did not qualify for an IEP. I am questioning now whether he should have based on his dx. I am currently having him picked up and walked out of the school by his sister as he wanders in the school, he has no highlighter or dry erase use because of writing on clothes, modified math if too many problems.
Also sister age 11, is FAE and has not been tested. wondering the same for her. if she qualifies for an IEP based on the FAE dx. Thank you.

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09/13/2016 2:43 pm

A diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder does not automatically qualify a student for an IEP. A team determines whether the student meets federal and state special education criteria, based on a comprehensive evaluation. Just having the diagnosis will not allow your children to access specially designed instruction through an IEP unless they meet the definition of a “disability” per public school rules and regulations. You can always request a special education evaluation for your daughter. If you believe that your son actually DOES meet the public school definition of a child with a disability you can request that the school district pay for an IEE (Independent Educational Evaluation) if you disagree with the team’s decision for your son.