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Lynne: Gave parental consent to allow school to do an adaptive evaluation on child. Evaluation was completed approx. two months before the end of the school year. We received a copy of the scores. We repeatedly asked for the review ARC Meeting before school let out. Didn’t happen. The review ARC was held not long after the new school year began. The evaluation presented for review was a different one from the one we received a copy of. We’re told by district rep. that the original could not be found and that the school did not need to have our consent for another one to be done since they already had our consent previously. The rep. did not allow the original scores to be used, but rather the new eval. scores. Question: Is there a time limit on parental consent given and shouldn’t we have been notified?

  1. Lynne –

    Yes the school should have notified you, even if they didn’t explicitly need your consent again

    I’m assuming this is a reevaluation, meaning the child already has a IEP, rather than initial evaluation. If it is, IDEA doesn’t specify any specific time lines for completion of the evaluation, though your state might. If there is and the school violated them, you can certainly file a state complaint about the violation.

    If I was in your place, though, I would look forward. Do you agree with the results of the evaluation? If yes, work with the school to get the results and recommendations worked into a new IEP. If no, exercise you right to request an independent evaluation at public expense.

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