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Charlotte: I’m an slp in a special needs preschool. All of our classes are full with 3.5 months left in the school year. My district is refusing to add any more units and insists that we place all qualifying students with itinerant services, rather than center based. This is not always an appropriate service, and this service is being pre-determined before the evaluation is even completed. We are being asked to “recommend” itinerant services to the parents, rather than the appropriate recommendation (center), write it in the iep, and sign. What do I do?

  1. To me this is an ethical & moral issue you are facing. You could share your concern with the special ed director. Explaining that this violates the ethical requirements of your profession & legal issues (pre-determination) for the school. You could also express this to that person’s bosses, if you wanted to. Hopefully, Wrightslaw or others can provide more guidance to you.

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