College / Continuing Ed: COPY OF IEP FROM OVER 15 YEARS AGO?

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Nicole:  I am trying to help a student receive accommodations in a college setting. Unfortunately, he does not have a copy of his IEP and is 31 years old. How can I assist him in getting an old copy?


  1. The college should have an office that deals with students with disabilities. They can help get accommodations. IEPs aren’t any good after high school. He now falls under the Americans with Disabilities Act and/or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. He may need a doctor’s note and/or new testing. It depends on the disability, the college and his needs. I would start with making an appointment with the college disability office.

  2. Nicole –

    I suggest your son consult your state law regarding student records. IEPs are considered part of a student’s temporary record in most states, and may be disposed of after a certain amount of time. Once he knows what the rules are in your state, he will be better equipped to contact the district and ask for a copy.

    I also encourage him to contact your state’s vocation rehabilitation office, if he has not already. They should be able to help him get accommodations. Here’s a list by state:

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