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Tammy:  My son was in public school for three years, online school for 1 month, and last in a charter school for 6 months. I recently had to pull him out due to behavior. I asked the local public school board of education about filing an iep. They said i could not file through them cause he was in a charter school. What do I do?where can I file?

  1. Tammy –

    Is your son still enrolled with the charter school? If yes, then the request for an initial evaluation for special education eligibility would most definitely go to them.

    If you re-enrolled in in the local public school district, then they are responsible for the evaluation.

    If your son is not enrolled anywhere, and you are currently homeschooling him, the request for evaluation goes to the local district.

    If you have trouble getting anyone to act on the request, you can contact your state Department of Education to help you work it out.

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