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Mel:  We have reported issues of bullying over several years to our child’s school and have been met with indifference. We have reported to the principal in the past and have now worked our way up to the superintendent. This was over a week ago and have heard no plan of action or reply to our request for an IEP meeting.

Is our only option at this time to move our child to another school? What would be a appropriate plan of action that would protect my child in this situation.

  1. I am not sure this is bullying but a group of boys is excluding my son and another child from playing with them. My son and other child are both Autistic. I reported this too the school and they did nothing. They said the boys don’t want to be friends with your son. I have tried speaking with the parents of the boys. I was literally told to grow and accept it. My son really wants to be friends with them and has tried to approach them at the park and playground at school. It got so bad one of the other moms filed a restraining order on my son and the other child. Now they have been kicked out of school. What should I do?

  2. Districts should have policies on how they will handle reports of bullying. In some cases the policy allows a parent to request that their child be moved to another campus. You can also make a complaint to the state education agency or the Office of Civil Rights.

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