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Katy:  My 14 year old son with autism was bullied at school. When I asked the school how they handled it, they cited they were unable to tell me because of student confidentiality. Does the confidentiality law trump my right to know? Is there a law I can refer them to?

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Sharon L.
12/08/2016 5:23 pm

The school must protect any student from harassment. We had a situation with my son and it took 3 attempts to get resolution. The third time we threatened a harassment lawsuit. Hopefully you don’t have to go that far.

11/29/2016 5:56 pm

We have answered many questions from parents whose children were bullied at school on this blog. In most cases, the school refused to describe the steps they were taking to prevent another bullying episode and used “confidentiality” to support their position.

Parents have a right to know who did what to their child and what steps, if any, the school is taking to prevent a repetition. Anything less will be viewed as a cover-up. The school will be viewed as “doing nothing” to protect children from bullies.

These articles should help:

“Bullying, Discipline, & Confidentiality: Who’s the Victim?”

“Protecting Bullies, Not the Bullied, Seems to be the Rule in Our Schools”

You protect your child’s interests. You need to learn how to advocate for your child. Good luck!