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David: If a student has an IEP with a ruling of OHI-ADHD and has become a behavior problem in the regular classroom, is it ok to move him from the reg ed setting and placed into a room that contains resourced & self-contained students? Academically he has difficulty in any area that requires much reading, but does well in math calculations. This movement has been due to his distractive behavior in the reg ed setting. Thanks.

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02/18/2019 2:38 pm

Please help,
My son has Autism and gets easily frustrated when he has to sit at a table and do work. Teacher refused to follow accommodations and modifications. School backs her up and tells me its her classroom and she can do what she wants. The other day my son would not cooperate and threw a temper tantrum. He was placed in a Autistic Support classroom. I feel he does not need this and he needs to be around non disabled peers. However the other kids are informing when I pick him up that they don’t like him and he disrupts their learning. I tried talking to the teacher but she is matter of fact and informed that her other students are more important and my son will not amount to anything. I want him out of the Autistic Classroom but school won’t budge. What should I do?

02/19/2019 2:01 pm
Reply to  Rosalie

If you have not put your request and concerns in writing to the principal and special ed director, you should do so. If his placement was changed, without this being a decision by the IEP team that is a violation of state and federal rules. When there are disagreements like this, a parent can use the state dispute resolution processes to try to reach a solution. Your state parent training and information project can assist you.

Parent Question
12/09/2016 3:07 pm

There was just an IEP meeting held where placement was changed. The EBD student was moved from alternative school to homebound for multiple weeks and is now being moved back to pull-out classes at the original high school. The guardian has expressed that she wants the student in a more restrictive environment, a campus specifically for EBD students. The guardian stated that the student had a positive previous experience with this location, but the team members of the IEP meeting claimed that there was insufficient data to make that service change. The student was previously at this same campus for over 2 years and made good progress. Does the guardian have the right to overrule the IEP team’s decision?
Can the parent make a request to the school board or SPED department head to have her child placed in a more restrictive environment?

Sharon L.
12/08/2016 5:37 pm

It would be best to get him on a behavior plan. We did this with our son. We had to request the behavior assessment in writing and sign the school’s consent form. IF you do not sign the school’s form the clock does not start ticking. In our area that is 60 days from consent. Once they do the testing than everyone gets together to go over it and add the plan to the IEP. The school will need to make sure ALL teachers in ALL classes know how to provide the accommodations of the behavior plan. If they do not and the behavior starts up again the school is on the hook to make the proper adjustment.

11/30/2016 11:27 pm

David, No it is not okay or legal for a school to change a child’s placement without convening an IEP meeting that includes the child’s parent(s).

What is the school doing to address the child’s “difficulty in any area that requires much reading”? Isn’t that a red flag?

Do you think it’s possible or likely that the child’s difficulties in reading are playing a role in the behavior problems you mentioned?