ED or Socially Maladjusted? How to Get Therapy

I have a client who has had some serious discipline problems.   He has problems relating to other kids.  His test scores are extremely high, but he is failing classes because the school puts him out for suspensions. The school district says: 1.  Because he has some friends he does not qualify as seriously emotionally disturbed.  They say he is “socially maladjusted” which they claim is not covered. 2. They claim he only needs counseling and …Read more

Getting Help for a Child with a Behavior Disorder

My son is in the 10th grade. He has a behavior disorder and he can’t control himself at times. The school does not understand when he gets agitated and angry. They just suspend him and deprive him of his education. You say your son has a behavior disorder. Many kids with learning disabilities develop behavior problems. If the school doesn’t teach them the skills they need, they become angry, frustrated, and depressed. Then the school …Read more