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Tracy:  My friend has a son with anxiety issues and separation attachment diagnosis and is looking for a sample letter to request a 504 plan at her school, which we all know- schools do not like to do. Is there a sample letter ?

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Tracy – you will always get good advice from Jill and Chuck. I also wanted to mention that Chapters 23 and 24 in Wrightslaw: From Emotions to Advocacy are all about writing letters and include 16 sample letters. Take a look at how these sample letters can be used to document a problem, request records, request a meeting, request an evaluation, etc. I think you’ll find these chapters helpful. Be sure to go to the Letters page on Wrightslaw for more information.

Tracy –

There are probably hundreds out there, if you google them. But here is a simple and polite one that should do the trick:

The parent may elect to include documentation of the diagnoses (this is NOT required, but can be helpful). If so, a sentence indicating such would be a good addition.

Great sample letter! This was very helpful, to the point and effective in requesting a meeting.