A New Look for the Blog

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Did you notice?  The Wrightslaw Way now has a slightly new look, is responsive for all your devices, and more user-friendly for asking and answering questions.

We realize there are going to be bugs, but it shouldn’t take you long to find your way around the new look.

  • You can click “leave a reply” to comment on any posted article.
  • You’ll find recently asked questions and answers on the Community Helpline.
  • To answer a question, please comment/respond to questions posted on the Community Helpline.

We would appreciate your feedback and your help de-bugging.

How does it look in the browser you use?  Can you send us a screen shot? Can you find what you need?

Please send an email with your comments or questions to     blog | at | wrightslaw.com    (remove the | at | and replace it with an @ sign).

    • Wendy – thanks for your feedback. We appreciate our online community and the helpful advice they have provided for others since 2008.

      The updated version of the Wrightslaw Way enhances our Community HELPline.

      On that page you will find a listing of the most recent questions asked.

      Questions and answers are no longer deleted, but are saved in a Q and A Database, alphabetized by Topic. Discussion on these topics can continue indefinitely.

      A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T

      You’ll find more Q and As from 2008-2015 at these links.

      Topics A – K
      Topics L – Z

      Thanks again for your participation on The Wrightslaw Way Blog.

      • When you click on the link “Click here to ask a Question” there doesn’t seem to be any place to input a question. Am I missing a link?

        • Sonsy:

          Thanks for checking. No, you aren’t missing a link. The “Ask a Question Here” link on the Community HELPLine is currently not available. I’ve updated the reply on this post by deleting those instructions.

          If you have a question, I bet you’ll find it already asked and answered in the database. Please check the topics / questions there. Don’t forget the “search box” on the main site at http://www.wrightslaw.com. Type your search term in the box for hundreds of results. You can also ask a question by posting a comment on any other blog post.

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