A New Look for the Blog

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Did you notice?  The Wrightslaw Way now has a slightly new look, is responsive for all your devices, and more user-friendly for asking and answering questions.

We realize there are going to be bugs, but it shouldn’t take you long to find your way around the new look.

  • You can click “leave a reply” to comment on any posted article.
  • You’ll find recently asked questions and answers on the Community Helpline.
  • To answer a question, please comment/respond to questions posted on the Community Helpline.

We would appreciate your feedback and your help de-bugging.

How does it look in the browser you use?  Can you send us a screen shot? Can you find what you need?

Please send an email with your comments or questions to     blog | at | wrightslaw.com    (remove the | at | and replace it with an @ sign).

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02/09/2016 11:27 am

The new site looks great. Very organized and I like the information boxes and color coding.

10/28/2017 4:25 pm
Reply to  Wrightslaw

When you click on the link “Click here to ask a Question” there doesn’t seem to be any place to input a question. Am I missing a link?