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Theresa:  My 10 year old son has an IEP. The school follows it on occasions. He received a D in reading and a F in Math. Is there anything I can do? This year he has really regressed.

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Jill G

Theresa –

You have a couple of options here.

You imply that the IEP is not followed consistently. If the school consistently followed the IEP, do you think this would lead to your son’s success?

If yes, I suggest that you start with a Team meeting to discuss the lack of IEP compliance. If the non-compliance continues, you may want to consider filing a state complaint.

If no, you think he would still struggle even if the IEP was followed, I suggest that you ask the school to reevaluate him. A good evaluation should help you and the Team better understand his current needs. If you disagree with the reevaluation results, you can exercise your right to an independent evaluation. And at any time, you can consider requesting mediation or a due process hearing.


There is a lot you can do. First of all there is no such thing as they follow it on occasion. I would suggest that you ask for a review and revise meeting and bring someone with you who has the knowledge and experience to assist you. I often tell parents that the first thing that they need to do is have someone who is familiar with IEP’s to review the entire IEP. Once they do that hopefully you can have that same person attend the IEP with you and ask the relevant questions.