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Jasmine:  Can substitute teachers write IEPs?

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BeenThere DoneThat

I have a rather different take on this. I’d be a lot more agreeable to writing IEP’s (I’m SPED certified) IF I were earning the wages of a regular SPED teacher and/or jockeying for a SPED teaching position in that district. If neither case were true, then forget it. I’m not Cheap Labor and I’m nobody’s bargain. If I were hired as a PER DIEM sub and was asked to write an IEP, the principal would have my resignation and my keys on her desk in two seconds flat.


I think it depends on if they are credentialed. I teach in California and I worked a long-term substitute special education position for 6 months and I wrote IEPs and facilitated meetings. I am credentialed in special education.


As a special education teacher, I must tell you that the Committee is supposed to write goals and objectives for the IEP document. Your question of can a substitute write an IEP, my answer is no, unless the substitute is part of the IEP Committee, certified to teach and or test (in Texas we call them Diagnostician, in Oklahoma they call them Psychometrist, everyone has a different name for them), or licensed Psychologist. Most of the pages in an IEP document are forms that have to be filled out to make sure that the law is satisfied, but the goals and/or objectives should be written during the annual meeting.


I’m wondering the same…how can a long term sub without a special education certification in PA be the case manager for my son’s IEP?