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Rachna:  If a student has a 1:1 aide per their IEP, and that aide is absent, what is the protocol? Do they have to provide a sub-aide for the full day? Can the teacher become the 1:1 aide for the day? If so, what about the other students in the class?

  1. The district or campus should have a protocol for this. Often campuses do not have one or follow it, because sub aides are hard to find. A teacher could serve as the sub aide, but it should not be the primary teacher., otherwise all the students are being affected.

  2. First, talk to the school. Aides do call out and the schools deal with it. In my experience, several scenarios do happen. Sometimes, the teacher becomes the watchful “eye” for the day–not necessarily the 1-1 aide (especially if the school is understaffed). The child is “watched” by the stressed teacher but no aide for that day if the aide is out. If the child needs diapering, etc, they call in an aide from another class to help. If there is another aide in the classroom, the aide takes on the extra responsibility of that child (in addition to their own 1-1) and others that day. That is the reality that I worked under. It was hard sometimes watching three kids at once (2 of them required 1-1 aide). The parents never knew. Be aware and be an advocate.

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