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Jasmine:  Can substitute teachers write IEPs?

  1. Are substitute teachers allowed to attend IEP meetings? Do you have to be a long-term substitute teacher or not? If you are a long-term substitute teacher are you allowed to get paid on my teacher’s salary or hourly rate?

    • That would be based on any state rules on this, & then the district policies & procedures. It could vary by district.

    • Hi Jenn,
      The purpose of having individuals who play different roles in the child’s special education is to gather information about how to meet the child’s unique needs from different perspectives.

      IDEA requires specific individuals to be members of the child’s IEP team:
      * the child’s parents;
      * at least one regular education teacher;
      * at least one special education teacher or service provider;
      * a representative of the local educational agency who–
      – is qualified to provide, or supervise the provision of, specially designed instruction to meet the unique needs of children with disabilities;
      – is knowledgeable about the general education curriculum; and
      – is knowledgeable about the availability of resources of the local educational agency;
      * an individual who can interpret the instructional implications of evaluation results (usually a school psychologist)
      * other individuals who have knowledge or special expertise about the child, including related services personnel as appropriate
      * the child, if appropriate.

      An administrator is a “representative of the local educational agency”.
      A case manager’s role is different from that of an administrator. Special ed teachers often act as case managers.

  2. This question is for a MD conditional teacher who is serving as a Sped Coordinator and the LEA but holds a Conditional teachers license, can they write IEPs?

  3. I teach in MI and I need to know asap please if non certified teacher (long term sub) can write LEGAL IEP’s?

    • That would depend on state, & district rules. But the entire IEP team, including the parents are the ones who sign off on the appropriateness of the goals & objectives, & complete the entire IEP document.

      • I was in a situation where I was on maternity leave. My sub was actually given a standard teacher contract for the year (there were a lot of maternity leaves that year…) She was licensed, was, for all intents and purposes, the general education classroom teacher at the time. I think when I returned we reexamined a couple of IEPs to keep it updated, but in our case her signature worked just fine.

  4. In Illinois can a public school non trained substitute take care of students with toileting/diapering needs, or feeding needs? or must this remain with this other permanent employees to take care of?

  5. I have a rather different take on this. I’d be a lot more agreeable to writing IEP’s (I’m SPED certified) IF I were earning the wages of a regular SPED teacher and/or jockeying for a SPED teaching position in that district. If neither case were true, then forget it. I’m not Cheap Labor and I’m nobody’s bargain. If I were hired as a PER DIEM sub and was asked to write an IEP, the principal would have my resignation and my keys on her desk in two seconds flat.

  6. I think it depends on if they are credentialed. I teach in California and I worked a long-term substitute special education position for 6 months and I wrote IEPs and facilitated meetings. I am credentialed in special education.

  7. As a special education teacher, I must tell you that the Committee is supposed to write goals and objectives for the IEP document. Your question of can a substitute write an IEP, my answer is no, unless the substitute is part of the IEP Committee, certified to teach and or test (in Texas we call them Diagnostician, in Oklahoma they call them Psychometrist, everyone has a different name for them), or licensed Psychologist. Most of the pages in an IEP document are forms that have to be filled out to make sure that the law is satisfied, but the goals and/or objectives should be written during the annual meeting.

    • I’m wondering the same…how can a long term sub without a special education certification in PA be the case manager for my son’s IEP?

      • if a sub does not have special ed credential, the IEP is out of compliance and not legal. case manager has to be certified in special ed. I worked in a district that was audited and the credentials were pulled and it was found that there were case managers were not certified. i had a co worker put the wrong primary disability on one of my students. My credential was pulled and I was told I was out of compliance. i ended up having to do an amendment to add the correct disability. I am in Cal.

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