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Ken:  Student attends a Parochial School. Team decides student needs accommodations based upon ADHD diagnosis. Who writes the 504 plan? Parochial school or resident public school?

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09/14/2018 12:23 pm

who in the private school writes the 504 plan, counselor? nurse? learning support teacher?

09/14/2018 4:30 pm
Reply to  Elena

It should be a group of people that put it together.

Jill G
04/29/2016 5:04 pm

Ken –

With 504 plans, it is usually the attending school that rights the plan – in this case, the parochial school.

Do note that a parochial school must abide by Section 504 only if it receives federal funding, and does not have to abide by the ADA.

Also the floor of support that a parochial (or any private) school must meet is much lower than that of public schools – meaning private schools are basically required to allow access to the program, and need not provide a student with a “free appropriate public education.”

06/20/2017 8:25 pm
Reply to  Jill G

A teacher in my daughter’s private school (WA state) said that the 504 they provided could not legally be summarized on paperwork labeled 504 because of not having a psychologist or a special ed teacher. I have documented what the accommodations/modifications & labeled it ‘504 Additions’. 2 yrs I communicated over email & addressed the 504 team. They also implemented the 504 I brought from the public school district. We actually met 3 times a year to update her 504 every year. I want to call it a 504 and give it back to ASD to carry over in the fall when we return to public school. Will there be anything illegal about that? I saw in the parents guide no member title requirements. It said team is fluid by kids needs. She was already qualified in Elementary ASD.

08/22/2018 8:07 am
Reply to  Michelle

The 504 does not need the participation of a special education teacher or psychologist. I have been teaching special education for 13 years and have never been involved in 504s in the three large districts I have worked with.