Tests and Assessments: WHO CAN ADMINISTER IQ TESTS?

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Erica: Who can administer IQ tests?

  1. You need to contact the psychology board in your state, or review the psychology law in your state. The publisher sets the qualifications, but the psychology board in your state regulates the administration of the tests. They are usually administered under the supervision of a licensed psychologist. A few states are more strict. Not just anyone can administer psychological tests.

  2. I am a full professor with a doctorate in developmental psychology (child development/family studies researcher). I have some experience with several different assessments (e.g, PPVT, WAIS). I would like more training to be able to administer tests as a psychometrician. Would you have any suggestions on how to go about this? Thank you for your time.

    • That would depend on the school policy. Because of confidentiality, they want to be sure they are sending it to that person. You might have to send them a copy of your driver’s license.

    • Yes. The school should keep special ed. records until the student turns 23 years old. Once the student is 23, they are allowed to shred them.

      Unless the law is different in your state. Contact the secretary of your special education department.

  3. While this question was posted in 2017, it is received by providers frequently. Providers themselves are often unsure.

    The answer is not complex. Your state licensing board will have written guidance on this subject. Further questions should be directed to the board directly.

    ALL behavioral and psychological (including cognitive and neurological) testing may be conducted by an appropriately trained provider. That can vary from psychometrists to masters or doctoral level providers.

    It is important to note that administering testing is separate from interpreting and reporting the results. Some state boards may require additional training.

    As with all questions regarding medical practice (behavioral, psychological, neurological, or other), ALWAYS consult YOUR state licensing board.

  4. There are minimum qualifications put out by the publishers of the tests. Usually, a masters with specific coursework is in the minimum required. Someone with less experience may administer under the supervision of a person with the correct credentials.

    Not true re: the neuropsych measures and I have a PhD and am a clinical psych and school psych. Specific training is required but not a doctoral degree.

  5. I am a graduate student working on my masters. I was wondering what are the 6 courses or certification needed to administer cognitive assessments? Please get back to me when possible and thank you

    • Only licensed psychologists or school psychologists can administer IQ tests, so your degree needs to be in that area. School psychologists are certified by the state. Additionally, school psychologists can be trained in neuropsychology and administer/ interpret the same testing given by a licensed psychologist in private practice. If you have a child evaluated privately, be sure the psychologist has school psychology training to understand how the test results relate to schooling.

      • It depends on your state regulations. For example, in TX diagnosticians can in addition to psychologists.

      • Not true. It depends on the state. MHC with the appropriate training can administer IQ measures in some states. States have differing regulations on who can administer what.

      • This is set by the companies who sell the tests. You need to have certain coursework in order to qualify. It’s incorrect that only psychologists can adminster cognitive assessments as diagnosticians also have been trained and completed coursework and internships in giving these assessments. It depends the state on licensing; however, even in states who don’t certifiy diagnositcians in their public education standards, diagnosticians can give the assessments per the company’s requirements.

  6. I had no idea that a doctoral degree was necessary to administer and IQ test. My wife and I want to get an idea of our kid’s learning capabilities. I definitely think that I should consider finding an IQ test that could help us to better understand their strengths and weaknesses.

    • Chris–I am a school psychologist with a Masters degree. I am qualified to administer cognitive assessments (“IQ tests”). I just want to clarify that Wrightslaw’s response indicates correctly that a Neuropsychological Evaluation (which can include IQ testing) must be done by someone with a doctoral degree.

      • That is not true in North Carolina. Properly administering and interpreting an intelligence test is as much as matter of training and experience as a specific degree. If your mental health professional has worked in a school setting or with children for many years, has the proper training and experience administering MANY types of psychological testing (the IQ test is only ONE piece of the entire evaluation and is used not just as a benchmark in and of itself, but in combination with other tests), you will be fine. Most psycho-educational evaluations in North Carolina are done by school psychologists with a MA or MS degree. Oft times their reports are better and more useful than an outside clinician with a doctorate.

      • Not true- read the requirements provided by the company before purchasing assessents to determine who can give them.

  7. Erica, A comprehensive evaluation includes more than an IQ test. If your child needs a psycho-educational evaluation, the examiner should have a master’s or doctoral degree in education, clinical psychology or school psychology.

    If your child needs a neuropsychological evaluation, the evaluator will have a doctoral degree in psychology and training in neuropsychology.

    Evaluators should have the credentials required by the laws of your state. They should be trained according to the requirements of test publishers. You should check references and review credentials.

    For additional information about the credentials needed to perform different types of evaluations, see Chapters 1 & 2 in Wrightslaw: All About Tests and Assessments.

    • Hi, I have a PhD in Education, licensed in special education and am certified by the National Certification of Educational Diagnosticians board. According to the test publishers (and Chapters 1 & 2 in Wrightslaw) I am level C qualified, and thus able to do IQ testing. I am in private practice and do educational evaluations for learning disabilities, but have been told by the NC Psychology Board that only psychologists can do intelligence testing. What does Special Ed law say about this? And, were can I find documentation to use in my defense.

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