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Laura:  My daughter w special needs was verbally sexually harassed on the school bus. Not happy w how the discipline was handled. Where can I find info on how the incident should have been handled?

  1. You say your daughter was verbally harassed on the bus. Was the incident witnessed by others? Adults or students? Has a similar event happened before? Is there a camera on the bus?

    We don’t know how the school handled the situation or why you are dissatisfied. There are no one-size-fits all rules in handling these situations.

    • My grandaughter is in PreK – she rides and ESE bus to and from school. She is developmentally delayed and has communication issues. We were informed by the school 2 days after the event occurred that she was moved to the back of the bus where she was punched and hit by a non ESE sibling who is older, had toys thrown at her while seat belted in her seat. The aid was a substitute – thought she lost her cell phone so neglected to ensure the safety of my grand daughter. The school district reviewed the video for a different issue and saw what occurred. They suspended the student and fired the aid. They will not let us view the video. I and the parents requested to see the video and get a copy. We were told that we could not view it because of privacy issues – other children on the bus.

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