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November 2019: In This Issue of the OSEP Update…

  • Inside OSEP: Laurie’s Letter
  • That’s a Good Question! You Asked. OSEP Answered.
  • OSEP Policy Letters
  • OSEP Has a Resource for That. Spread the News!
  • Results Driven Accountability: What’s Due and What’s New
  • Dose of Data
  • Resources and Research to Use
  • Engage With Us! Social Media and More

NEW Section This Month! Question and Answer Section

That’s a Good Question! You Asked. OSEP Answered.

In this new section, OSEP will answer frequently asked questions on IDEA. We will highlight a different high-interest topic each month. Questions and answers are taken from previously issued policy letters and frequently asked questions documents.

Evaluation Timelines – School Breaks

Question: How are evaluation timelines calculated when they include school breaks?

Question: May a State educational agency adopt a regulation that takes into account, for purpose of the resolution period timeline, a school district’s winter break?

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