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Scott:  is it ever ok for a sped teacher to allow students to use study guide to cheat on test? Why would a sped teacher need answer keys if they don’t grade the test of regular Ed teachers?

  1. The majority of school districts in Illinois changed their format when Common Core was adopted. Teachers are aware of which standards will be assessed. Today’s lessons are based off of the assessments. The process is as follows: Review the assessment & create powerpoints,daily student “study guides” for students to fill in the blank directly from the powerpoint. The same process occurs for quizzes & tests. The assessments questions are a repeat of the daily study guide. My oldest son attends Loyola University, Chicago. Most freshman were shocked to learn “the college way”. They were not taught to read the chapter or section prior to class, but school districts received high test.

  2. Scott, you could look into the academic integrity policy in your district and/or state, and bring this to the attention of an administrator.

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