Tests and Assessments: ASSESSING A YOUNG ADULT

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Annie:  Is there any program available to assess a 27 yr old who fell through the cracks

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Jill G
01/08/2016 5:41 pm

Annie: How do you find these programs? One quick way is to contact your state’s Client Assistance Program (CAP): http://www.icdri.org/legal/CAP.htm
CAPs are funded by the federal government to provide info and assistance regarding state VR services. CAPs usually can also provide info about other state and federal programs and benefits available to those with disabilities.
Eligibility criteria and processes for these services vary by state. Many require that the person applying has been previously diagnosed. A good first step is to speak with your primary care provider, and ask for a referral to a specialist who can do diagnostics and other testing in the area of concern.

Jill G
01/08/2016 5:41 pm

Annie: Your state likely has a few programs that serve adults with disabilities.
All states have a program called vocational rehabilitation (VR) that serves individuals with all types of disabilities who are trying to obtain employment. Many state VR agencies also work with independent living centers to provide services beyond employment assistance.
Most states also have programs that cater to individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, and sensory disabilities (deaf, blind, and deaf-blind)
And some states have programs that serve people with physical impairments, brain injuries, or other disabilities.

These services may be available through a state executive office agency, or through your state’s medicaid program (often called a waiver).