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Sandra:  I have a question. My child’s IEP was closed and i want to reopen his IEP. He is 11 years old and is having a lot of behavioral issues at school. I want to request a one to one aide for him. Does he need to have an IEP before I can make that request? if yes, how do I request his IEP to be reopened?

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07/06/2020 6:56 pm

Hi i graduated in 2014 from high school im 24 and looking to start college for the first time can i reopen my iep through ovr?

07/07/2020 2:55 pm
Reply to  Amber

I do not know what “ovr” is, but the college should have a center, or department that provides support to students with disabilities. You should be able to find information on that entity thru their website. Good luck.

12/19/2017 5:38 pm

Amendment –
How does one handle effective start date on an IEP amendment?

I was under the impression I created an amendment, listed the amendment date (date of meeting) and checked the amendment box on the cover page. Then, the change was in section (regular classroom to alternate placement).

I have been told to change the effective start date to the date of the amendment and change the beginning date in section 7 to the date of the amendment.

This is confusing. The IEP will have different dates throughout.

I thought the IEP would be in effect for the original dates and the ‘amendment’ would be a change within those dates. This IEP now looks as though it started (some parts) on a different date.

Please correct my understanding.

Jill G
01/08/2016 5:43 pm

Sandra – Your child does not have to have an IEP for you to request an aide – a school is free to provide (or not provide) supports to general education students as they see fit. But it’is very unlikely that the school will honor your request.
If your child is struggling, you really should ask that he be re-evaluated for special education eligibility. As your son currently has no IEP, the school should treat your request like that for an initial evaluation and all state and federal protections relating to initial evaluations should apply.

01/08/2016 5:42 pm

And as part of the evaluation, request a Functional Behavioral Assessment. Give a succinct argument explaining why you think it’s needed. (One or two paragraphs.)