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Janell:  I am trying to find acceptable or preferred ratios set by the state of Texas for an Academic Life Skills class in high school. Currently, there are 11 students to 1 teacher and 1 Aide. Next year, there is an estimated 12-14 students for the same class and same staff. Is this in compliance?

  1. I teach ECSE. Our school district determines how many staff each campus needs and bases that off of IEPs. Our district also tells us that we CAN NOT write in the IEP that a student is 1 to 1 or that they need a specific ratio except for kids who have an Autism supplement. Can a district tell a teacher they are not allowed to say a student needs a small ratio, like 5:1?

    • MD, The IEP/ARD team is to determine the appropriate ratio for all students served by special education. The state would consider this a violation, if it was found during a monitoring visit, or in a complaint they received.

  2. what is the student to teacher ratio in a life Skills elementary unit? I have 14 students and one paraprofessional. I am in need of a one on one for a student also. I have several behavior problems in my classroom and two of them are runners.

  3. I am being forceably moved to teach a lifeskills class in my district with a threat of taking my certification if I choose to leave. What is the student ratio to a class that will have one certified teacher and two aides?

    • If there is a ratio in your state it would be set by the state education agency. So you need to check with them, if you have not.

  4. I am a ECSE teacher and am interested in learnning the rule for Class Size in an ECSE unit. I currently have 3 TAs and 2 CNAs but one is dedicated to Tele- Therapy (Speech)
    I have 22 children ( 11 am/ 11 pm) I understand I may get 3-5 more before February.
    What is the limit? I have 4 severe and 3 medical sensitive students included in my 22.

  5. Texas passed House Bill 72 in 1984 no-pass, no-play rule, mandates a 22-pupil limit in elementary schools, prekindergarten classes for disadvantaged children and high school graduation tests were all provisions of the law, pushed by Dallas billionaire Ross Perot. However I found out this week that the four kindergarten classes at my Grandsons school far exceeds the 22-pupil limit. Three out of the four classrooms have 26 students in each classroom. Instead for hiring a fifth teacher and lowering the student teacher ratio, the school districts are allowed to submit a request for class size exemptions for any classrooms in kindergarten – fourth grade when a classroom exceeds 22 students. (Texas Education Code §25.112) This is not a single school problem it is a statewide problem.

  6. TX does not have any staff to student ratio requirement for special ed classes. The ARD/IEP team determines a child’s needs & services needed. The number of classes & staff needed to provide all needed services is an administrative decision. So working with the special ed office ahead of time is very crucial. I work for the TX parent training & information center. We can provide you with support & information.

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