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Spring IEP Season Sale. 25% Off all Wrightslaw Products.

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05/05/2019 1:40 am

Who can a teacher in training speak to if the school and director of special education is failing to provide the teacher with instruction, direction, and the learning of IEP’s. The teacher hasn’t been taught how to fill out and properly understand IEP’s. Who can she speak to?

05/06/2019 5:40 pm
Reply to  B.

The principal &/or the special ed director are normally the ones they would go to. She can then go up the chain of command.

04/05/2019 6:19 pm

My son has a 504 for ADHD and sleep apnea. His teacher did not follow the 504 and did not chunk his midterm test. She also took points off for late assignments (in the 504 meeting it was not agreed upon to have a one week standardized accommodation). As a result, he has an F in that class. He needed a D to be eligible for sports. He has now been kicked off the team due to grades. Any advice? Thank you!

04/08/2019 2:01 pm
Reply to  Lisa

You can discuss this with the principal, &/or the 504 team to try to reach an agreement on how to accommodate for his disabilities. If other teachers are making accommodations that can strengthen the case that the issue is with one teacher.