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Tricsh: My son is entitled to a large amount of speech compensatory services, and the school district is saying they are to be provided during his school day. However this takes away from his regular school day schedule, how can it be compensatory if it is taking away from a regular school day?

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01/14/2020 12:17 pm

Is a parent entitled to compensatory education if the school provided the appropriate services and minutes but the child did not participate due to behavior?

01/16/2020 7:22 am
Reply to  Danielle


05/01/2019 6:22 pm

I filed a complaint against our local LEA. The district was cited and my daughter was awarded 160 hours of compensatory time. We are military and will be soon leaving the state. The state PED has told us that the compensatory time goes away if we move out of state? Is this true? Isn’t the district required by law to give the comp time no matter where we are?

01/17/2020 3:09 pm
Reply to  Jessica

Yes, because compensatory services are based on a denial of FAPE. IO have received Compensatory services provision for a student across state lines, when they moved from one state to another.

01/08/2016 6:30 pm

I imagine that most states leave the decision up to the school district, unless the state education agency or a hearing officer give specific directions to the district. You can try to get the district to address your concerns through the special ed office, complaint to the state agency or mediation. Your state parent training & information center may be able to assist you.

05/05/2019 9:03 am
Reply to  Chuck

This school district has done nothing but tell me how wrong I am for 3 years. Each and every time there is an issue. This is why I filed a complaint against them. They also separated my daughters disabilities and she has an IEP and a 504 at the same time. It’s absolutely ludicrous how they treat me. I have found a letter that part c of idea will cross state lines for comp time so shouldn’t the other ones too?