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Catherine:  My son’s (8.5 yo, ASD, anxiety, emotion dysregulation, aggressive behavior issues) school has suggested a reduced schedule as a way to help him gradually work up to being able to attend for a full day. The proposed schedule has him at school for two hours a day in the beginning. I’m open to this plan, except for the financial considerations. If he were being placed in a private school, the current school would pay his tuition. There aren’t any private schools in our area that would be an improvement over his current placement. Is there any legal precedent for a school paying “tuition” to a family who is homeschooling because of the school’s inability to provide a FAPE?

  1. My guess is that your only hope of getting some money from this situation would be to get hired to be the tutor that gets sent to your house (and to other students’ homes as well).

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