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Cheryl:  Our school district has scheduled Tier 2 and Tier 3 intervention( pullout) services during the block where all general education students receive Science / social studies/ computers: thus these students do not receive these opportunities. How is this legal?

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My daughter was diagnosed both dyslexic and ADHD in K when I had her evaluated by a psychologist. We have a strong family history of both. The school recognized her ADHD but not the dyslexia since she performs at or above grade level. She is 3rd now and reads and comprehends above grade level. I have always said she compensates for the dyslexia. School said maybe and didn’t help. I received notice that she tested into the schools G&T program. I am having her tested again by a psychologist that specializes in G&T and LD. Once I again have the diagnosis how can I get the school to provide her with an appropriate reading program even though she is not failing and probably never will?


welcome to the world of2e. Sounds like my son in elementary school. Be persistent, you know your child best. My son was reading preprimer at the beginning of 4th grade. He beat all the tests so they thought he was fine. I found someone with a masters in reading who found a test he could not beat. They started working hard with him on phonics. I also signed him up with the Masonic Learning Center. Great program. They used Orton Gillingham. My son reads slow but reads at the college level now.

Hang in there and remember you know her best.


Me again. I would like to add to my response. Things get going at a faster pace in the coming years. It’s time now to teach strategies that will help her. My son is in 10th grade, knows all the studies but struggles with organization and time.

If she is actually reading above grade level why then do you think she needs a specialized reading program? First I would make sure that she is reading at grade level. Tests that she can not beat. If she is reading fine, there is no need for a different reading program. Just evaluate every year to make sure she is still on grade level.